This Is Friday?

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Voice came as soon as I pulled the vacuum cleaner from the closet.  I’d had every intention to finally suck up a weeks worth of dog hairs, crumbs, and street grit from my once ago well-kept home until  jabber, jabber, jabber–Voice lavished me with interesting musings and brilliant wisdom I wanted to get immediately  onto the page. This stuff was good. This stuff was going to give you something.

I abandoned the vacuum.  (Should I insert a sad face here?)        

 Aquiver with excitement I  sat down to write it all out on my sparkling  new blog…only to discover I couldn’t remember how to access it.

Is this normal for a sixty year old? Does it mean anything that earlier this morning I wasn’t exactly sure what day of the week it is? How many times must I play the two-minute tutorial from WordPress before I expect myself to retain it?

Meanwhile, Voice went scurrying along with the dust bunnies to a hiding place under the bed . I can hear it, taunting, whispering promises, practically daring me to turn on the blogging vacuum and suck it out.

Could this be a writing tool?


Now,  3 hours later and still flummoxed as to how to get rid of italics once I have mistakenly italicised the entire top portion of  this post, I’m ready to push the blogging start button and get to work.

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