Month: October 2014

Beneath My Clothes.

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I woke feeling fine, normal, glad for the day. Glad to have the BART ride and bus ride, scenic  walk and eventual arrival on Mars for a meet-up with my pen pals in front of me. Yes, I woke on the verge of fulfillment; a feeling similar to opening an envelope when you know it contains a check with your name on it. I didn’t realize “it”  was happening until my second change of shoes. […]

A Lightbulb Moment.

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 I just spent 3 hours and $89 replacing the bulb in my kitchen counter clamp-on light. Years ago when it came time to bring some light to a dark corner of my kitchen,  I blew-off electricians as well as esthetics and purchased a cheap, Ikea clamp-lamp. This clever light fulfilled its duty faithfully and without fuss until one morning, about 6 weeks ago, it failed. I could write a dissertation on the lightbulb but won’t. […]

Everything Blog

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Ever since I gave myself a blog for my sixtieth birthday I’ve been everything BLOG. I now use the word blog the way the word fuck is used: for everything. “What the blog are you doing?” I ask Duke, who appears to be digging through my underwear drawer. He’s naked and a bit excited. “Oh, for blog sake,” I say in exasperation when he holds up my silk-robe sash.   “Get your blogging ass over […]

This Is Friday?

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Voice came as soon as I pulled the vacuum cleaner from the closet.  I’d had every intention to finally suck up a weeks worth of dog hairs, crumbs, and street grit from my once ago well-kept home until  jabber, jabber, jabber–Voice lavished me with interesting musings and brilliant wisdom I wanted to get immediately  onto the page. This stuff was good. This stuff was going to give you something. I abandoned the vacuum.  (Should I insert […]