Month: September 2014

Every day a little something more.

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About a month ago I decided I better get my heart beating faster at least a couple times a week. I dusted off my bike, a Breezer most excellent and suitable for a sixty year old, and began taking morning rides along the bay shore. This morning I was out and peddling before dawn. I keep an average speed of 8 miles an hour – poke slow as some say – yet I sweat and […]

What the Blog am I Doing

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Just like I figured. After years of friends telling me I should have a blog, like they knew I would have an instant & vast readership who would read-me-up to the blogosphere in much the same way dear old Scotty was beamed aboard the Starship, enabling me ┬áto impart my opinion, wit, intelligence, bad grammar and typos to any passer bye who keys in the number sixty–I’m here doing it. And, if I might add […]